The Maiden of Kosovo

The Maiden of Kosovo is the main character in the poem of the same name. After the battle, a girl wanders around the battlefield, offering water and wine to the injured warriors, dressing their  wounds, looking for her fiancé, as the poems says – Toplica Milan. But the maiden finds a gravely wounded knight, Pavle Orlović. While she is dressing his wounds, he tells her that her fiancé, Milan Toplica and her best friend, Miloš Obilić and her brother-in-law, Ivan Kosančić died in the battle.


For many the Maiden of Kosovo is a symbol of Serbia, of the homeland, but also a symbol of love for thy neighbour.


Besides this beautiful epic poem, there is a painting by Uroš Predić, as well as a marble relief by Ivan Meštrović, a section of his Kosovo Cycle.