Miloš Obilić

It is not certain whether Miloš Obilić was a historic figure or not. Neverthless, he is remembered as a symbol of heroism, as the best Serbian hero, and as such, he was sung about in the folk epic poetry. He is remembered as a warrior who killed the Ottoman Sultan Murad I at the Battle of Kosovo. There are stories about him being wounded at the battle of Pločnik (several years before Kosovo), when, as the story goes, panic started among the Serbs, but Miloš managed to recover and get ready for the great Battle of Kosovo. According to the legend, on the eve of the battle, Prince Lazar held a supper with all the Serbian noblemen, the voivode (Supper in Kruševac). On that occasion, Vuk Branković accused Miloš Obilić of collaborating with the Turks. So Miloš made an oath to kill the Sultan Murad on the following day in the battle.

At the start of the battle, Miloš used his cunning to reach the sultan’s tent and instead of bowing before him – he took out his dagger concealed beneath his armour and slaughtered Murad. Turkish soldiers captured him on the spot, tying him up. Then he was beheaded.


Obilić Medal for Bravery is a famous Serbian war decoration.


Miloš is a celebrated hero of the epic heroic songs and legends, of supernatural birth and strength. His mother was a fairy, his father a dragon, and his strength Miloš obtained from mare’s milk, hence his surname – Kobilić or  Kobilović – as we can find recorded. His was an exceptional horse named Ždral (a crane). Popular epic songs: Marko Kraljević i vila (Marko Kraljević and a Fairy)Sestra Leke kapetana (Captain Leka’s Sister)Kneževa večera (Supper in Kruševac)Sluga Milutin (Milutin the Servant).


The town Obilić in Kosovo was named after Miloš Obilić.