Kruševac is one of the historic capital of Serbia. It is a fortified town whose remains can be seen in the centre of present Kruševca. It was built by Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović to be his seat. Today the population of Kruševac is around 65,000.


A legend says that Kruševac got its name after krušac, the rounded river stones that most of the town was built of. The people of Kruševac and its surroundings are called Čarapani out of fun. A legend says that the name comes from an occasion when the Kruševac men once went into a battle with the Turks, and so as not to give away any noise, they only wore their – socks (čarape).


Town of Kruševac is an industrial centre in the Kruševac valley, on the confluence of the Rasina and Zapadna (West) Morava rivers.


It was the Prince Lazara’s seat in the 14th century. From there the Serbian army went to the Kosovo Battle against the Ottomans. After the battle,  Kruševac was the seat of the vassal Serbia, ruled by Princess Milica, and later on by her and Lazar’s son, Despot Stefan, who later moved his capital to Belgrade.