St Nicholas

The best known Orthodox saint whose day is the most celebrated family patron’s day, St Nicholas The Miracle Maker lived in the 4th century in Asia Minor. He was the bishop of the town of Myra in the region of Lycia. The remains of the town today are near a popular summer resort, Fethiye, on the Turkish Aegean coast. At the time of St Nicholas, the old pagan beliefs were still maintained, so he had to work hard on spreading the Christian faith. He was also persecuted and spent some time in prison, but was also one of the 343 Orthodox bishops who participated at the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea (near Constantinople). He is renowned by his deeds of mercy. He died in 343.


The orthodox Church celebrates St Nicholas of Myra The Miracle Maker on 19th/6th December. St Nicholas’ Day falls in the time of the Great Christmas Lent, so the festive table in Serbs is always without any animal products. As a merciful saint, St Nicholas was taken for a widely popular but mythical figure of Santa Clause. Santa’s red suit comes from the red bishop’s robe of St Nicholas. A custom of putting gifts in a stocking is actually a modification of a miracle performed by St Nicholas. An English name, Santa Claus is actually a version of  Saint Nicholas.


A fresco cycle with presentations from St Nicholas’ life in the Моrаčа Monastery; scenes from his life on the Virgin of Ljеviš Church frescoes in Prizrеn; frescoes in a small church of St Nicholas in the Patriarchy of  Pеć.