St George

Holy Great Martyr George was born in Cappadocia, today Turkey. George had a great career in the Emperor Diocletian’s army, being of high rank in his personal guard. When in the 3rd century, Diocletian started the most atrocious persecution of Christians, St George – at the Emperor’s shock – admitted he was a Christian himself. He was then heavily tortured for quite a while, but in the dungeon he received help from the angel of God, so George could not be killed by torture. He even outdid an emperor’s witch doctor who tried to poison him, and at his prayers, a pagan temple of Apollo was destroyed. In the end he was slain with a sword. Having seen his faith and courage, many believed in Christ, among them the empress herself who was also killed.


St George’s Day the Church celebrates on 23rd April / 6th May. St George is one of the most widely venerated saints in the world. As a warrior saint he was celebrated by all the Christian armies. His victory over the Dragon, being often a motif on the icons of St George, is a symbol of Jesus’ victory over evil


The Dеčаni Monastery cycle of frescoes depicting St George’s life.