The Pоžеgа Plum

Pоžеgаčа [po’ʒe-gatʃa], erroneously called mаdžаrkа [‘ma-dʒarka] (the Hungarian), is an old sort of plum, considered one of the best in the world. The pоžеgаčа has an ideal ratio of sugar and acidity. It is also ideal for making the plum brand brandy, the slivovitz. Among all other sorts of plum, perhaps the red early one may be parallel. But in spite of everything, the survival of the Pоžеgа plum is under challenge, as it is pushed back by the new plum varieties that yield more fruit. It can be recognised by its smaller, bright purple-blue fruit covered with wax bloom (a whitish ashy coating occurring on the surface of a fruit). The pоžеgаča fruit flesh easily detaches from the stone, so the common folk sometimes call it a split-up.