Raspberry is the best known and exported fruit of Serbia. In Serbia, raspberry is grown on private, family farms, on areas not larger than 0.5 ha. But the total area of raspberry in Serbia is over 16,000 ha. They are picked manually. The picking season starts in late June and ends in July.  Almost 90% of all the raspberry yield is frozen in large storages and only some 10% is processed of sold on markets.


Маlinа, Јаgоdа, Višnjа, Dunjа (raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, quince) were until recently quite popular female names, and from each one there are surnames derived.


Serbia is one of the major raspberry growing countries in the world. With an average of 80,000 tons a year, Serbia covers about 20% of the world raspberry production. The colour, the unique taste and hardness of the Serbian raspberry have been awarded worldwide.