Deed of the Year

The Noblest Deed of the Year Campaign was launched by the Večernje novosti paper some fifty years ago. With time it turned into a fine tradition of recognising and honouring those who would be otherwise perceived as heroes. The only difference is that those are the heroes in the times of peace.  By seeking and awarding those who have in some way made a sacrifice for others – whether by saving someone from a certain death or have magnanimously for years helped children without parents or war orphans – the Serbian society shows that the communal spirit still lives, inspired by the highest Christian values, which has fortunately survived even in the hardest of times. Those modern heroes, regular people, who in the times of crisis manifest their better sides, are the role models all the Serbs should strive for.


Gold Plaques for the Noblest Deed of the Year in several categories – the Child’s, the Group Noblest Deed – are awarded each year at the Belgrade City Hall.


Some of the Gold Plaque winners in the last few years are: Zlatne plakete –Iva Nikolić, 14, of Niš, who rescued her two sisters from a fire; the firemen of Užice; Vladimir Bradić, an MS patient, who rescued two girls from Jarkovac Lake; a policeman from Novi Sad, Vladimir Grandić; Olja Ivanjicki, an artist, who helped the many, was awarded the Gold Plaque for her lifetime achievement; Special Plaques were awarded to Rade Obućina and Miljka Udovičić, who rescued seven passengers from an overturned boat on Uvac Lake; Aleksandar Nikolić, a retired physician who opened a surgery to treat, free of charge, all those without social insurance  …