It is an annual plant, originally from Central and South America. Not it is grown in moderate and warm climate areas. Corn is a type of cereal, but it is also used as vegetable. It is very beneficial for health due to its nutrients and low caloric value.

It is used for human and animal consumption and in industry. By grinding the corn grain, we get corn flour. Various dishes are made out of corn flour or by mixing it with wheat flour: bread, cornbread, polenta, cakes and other types of pastry. Starch obtained from corn is used in pharmaceutical production and in medicine. Also very nutritious and medicinal oil is obtained from corn.


Corn was imported to Europe a year after America was discovered and was one of the first foods to be brought from the new continent. In the world it is grown more than wheat but less than rice. This fine plant was brought to the Balkans in the 17th century.

It is one of the most grown farming cultures in Serbia. Types that are best to grow in Serbia are the white and yellow corn.